Bitcoin's role in the ESG Imperative: KPMG paper by Brian Consolvo and Kirk Caron

An overview of the opportunities and creative approaches that deliver value and drive trust with key stakeholders.


“Despite Bitcoin’s increased adoption, it continues to be a misunderstood technology and asset class. At the same time, there’s a variety of impactful use cases that Bitcoin offers that have a track record in delivering value for their users and society at large. These scenarios not only can improve the reputation of the overall ecosystem, but pave the way for greater use and adoption. 

In this paper, KPMG explores some specific use cases to:

(1) evaluate the environmental, social and governance impact of Bitcoin,
(2) Highlight some of the misconceptions that still thrive today, and
(3) Showcase creative approached for using Bitcoin throughout the ESG journey.

Bitcoin appears to provide a number of benefits across an ESG framework. Throughout its short history, new and innovative ways of leveraging the network and its native asset continue to emerge, such as helping to stabilize energy grids, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and even assist with providing sustainable heat to commercial and residential properties.”

July 2023

Bitcoin’s Role in the ESG Imperative (Brian Consolvo, Principal, Technology Risk & Kirk Caron, Director, ESG)