Bitcoin and the Energy Transition: From Risk to Opportunity

This paper from the Institution of Risk Management explores the relationship between Bitcoin and the energy transition, with a focus on the risks and opportunities associated with Bitcoin’s growing adoption. The authors argue that while Bitcoin’s energy consumption has been a subject of concern, it can also be seen as a catalyst for the energy transition and a potential solution to global energy challenges


“In this publication, the IRM’s Energy and Renewables Group aims to explore the risks and opportunities associated with Bitcoin as it relates to energy consumption. This is done with reference to research data, case studies and the work shared by subject matter experts. We aim to address some of the claims about Bitcoin’s energy consumption whilst at the same time reflecting on potential opportunities for the energy sector that arise because of Bitcoin’s growing global adoption.

20 September 2023

Bitcoin and the energy transition (Dylan Campbell SIRM and Alexander Larsen CFIRM, September 2020)