About ICDEF and its mission

More and more is written about the cryptocurrency and blockchain space as it grows in prominence. But much of this writing is driven by the very companies hoping to make money out of it or by policy-makers who are determined to oppose its development. This is noticeable in the citations of some recent policy-documents, which tend to recycle the same pieces (by the same institutions) or to rely on journalistic comments that in many cases have not been updated to reflect present reality.

As time goes on and more academics turn their attention to this area of finance this will change. ICDEF hopes to support this change by finding good research and bringing it into one place – to help all parts of the cryptocurrency ecosystem talk a common language and start from a common understanding.

That’s why the key part of this website is the Research Database. Here you can find all the papers we have selected. These will by definition have been published elsewhere first, but we have collated them, tagged them with relevant labels, and provided a short abstract to contextualise them: setting out what the research piece says and why we think that adds something to the field. On the Research Database page you can find more detail on our selection criteria.

As and when ICDEF develops the capacity, we hope to be able to support IRL interactions as well: by providing affiliations for speakers, perhaps putting on events, and ultimately publishing research directly.

Our Values

ICDEF was founded to support the development of robust and trustworthy analysis of the cryptocurrency space for users, industry providers and policy-makers, and to encourage fact-based debate between them.

Our Team


Freddie New


Freddie is a corporate finance lawyer, now working in-house at fintech and engineering companies. He has advised on building cryptocurrency products and been researching Bitcoin since 2013.


Andrew Whitworth


Andrew works in public policy in the cryptocurrency space, specifically on UK and EU policy development. Andrew previously worked at a consumer fintech payments company and the Bank of England.

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